Multimedia with BYOD (bring your own device)
Using multimedia in education is engaging for teachers and students. In the workshop we will look at simple apps such as Fotor, Koma Koma, Splice etc that you and your students can use to create collages, animations and videos. Participant are welcome to bring their own electronic devices to the workshop.

Learning apps Learning Apps
Learning Apps is a Web 2.0 application to support learning and teaching with small interactive modules. You can create tests, matching games, crosswords, quizes etc. You can use these games on your tablet.

Programming/Coding with iPADs
In recent years coding has gained popularity in education. There are lots of iPAD apps to develop problem solving, mathematical and coding skills. In the workshop Daisy the Dino, Cargobot, Kodable, Bee Bots and Scratch will be introduced.

Creating learning materials
Digital learning materials are very important nowadays and everybody knows that there is a lack of good materials. In this workshop we are going to create different kind on resources: screencasts, photostories, quizes etc. Lenzoo is one of the apps to work with.

ICT in science class
Simulations and animations- what is their impact on knowledge, how and when  to use them in the classroom with tablets and computers.
Using Vernier labware  (videos, worksheets, experiments) in science lessons. Bases on our experiences.

Astronomy – how to teach astronomy with the use of ICT (tablet, smart phone) and common household tools.