Fascinating possibilities of introducing ICT and technology into classroom

ERASMUS+ KA1 ICT teacher training course

20.09- -26.09.2015 in Tallinn, Estonia

Using technology and ICT in classroom activities motivates studying, in addition, it offers a way of making studying at school more innovative and flexible.

The use of technology and ICT solutions in lessons makes studying more effective; it helps better illustrate the topics of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with the goal of making them more understandable; it develops students’ creativity and initiative; and supports international co-operation between students, teachers and schools.

The training course is aimed at teachers and professionals who would like to expand their classroom activities by including the easiest and most convenient technological and ICT solutions, all of which are used in different schools in Estonia. The course is suitable for application for ERASMUS+ Key Action 1 teacher training course.

The majority of the course will be held at Gustav Adolf Grammar School, est. 1631, which is the leading force in digital education. Teachers and educational technologist at GAG are highly experienced at incorporating ICT in the teaching and learning process, they are highly valued as instructors and speakers at training courses and conferences.